Accept Fiat with your dApp while preserving the properties of the Blockchain

Use the developer documentation to get integrated with our Web-Library and Server-side SDKs.


Integrating with LimePay makes it possible for your customers to pay for Ethereum transactions through credit/debit cards.
LimePay offers sponsored payments as-well. You can abstract the concept of gas costs and sponsor the costs of your customer's transactions.

LimePay Wallets

Don't want to implement your own wallet management? LimePay offers in-dApp wallets for your customers.

Customer Invoices

Automatically send your custom branded invoices to your customers on every payment.

Sandbox testing

Try out your sandbox integration before going live. On a testnet with our testing card numbers. Once done, just switching to production without changes.

White-glove Support

We will help you integrate LimePay into your dApp. Contact us at [email protected].
Last modified 3yr ago